About Us

Conservation Districts are local units of state government, under the Department of Agriculture, that exist to solve today’s conservation and natural resource problems! We are a free resource for the community and have many programs that seek to help landowners make decisions that benefit both their needs and the environment.

We are here to help YOU! The Marquette County Conservation District has staff with specialized skills that can be your resource for any conservation concern. Our staff is available to provide technical support to landowners and community members as requested, but we also complete several conservation projects throughout the county each year. Our goal is always to choose projects that benefit both the community and the environment! Here are some of the programs we offer to help our community:

Do you own land in Marquette County? Our District Staff provides technical assistance to county residents on natural resource matters, and we are available to make free site visits to help you with your land! We can help you…


For the first time since 2008, Michigan Conservation Districts have received state funding! in 2022, we will receive $40k from the state, and in 2023 and 2024 we will receive ~$25k. This state funding is very important for Conservation Districts, and from 2008-2021, Michigan Conservation Districts did not receive any state funding due to budget cuts. In order to pay our employees and continue our conservation work, we have raised funds through our Annual Tree and Wildflower sales, and have relied heavily on grant funding! Grants have funded the bulk of our work, from invasive species removal, to culvert replacements, to habitat improvement – grant money from sources like the DNR and EGLE is essential to our work. Grants often require “match”, meaning the grantee must provide a certain amount of their own money to qualify. Our state funding will allow us to leverage more lucrative grants as we will now have the match to qualify!

Contact your representatives

Governor Gretchen Whitmer

State Representative Jenn Hill, District 109

State Representative Greg Markkanen, District 110

State Representative Ed McBroom, District 38