$2.00 + Tax

$2.00 + Tax


Terra-Sorb is a nontoxic, super-absorbent hydrogel material that absorbs up to 150 times its weight in water and releases water slowly in dry soils. Mix into potting soil or planting soil to significantly increase the soil’s water-holding capacity, allowing more water to remain in the upper soil profile where it is available to roots. Terra-Sorb repeatedly absorbs and releases water into the soil, lasts for several years until it biodegrades, and is made without sodium.

Our 1 oz packets are enough for aproximately 1,000 seedlings. Dip seedling roots into the gel and remove. Then plant immediately. Apply water to the new plants as usual. This is the same product we use in preparing items for tree sale!

Please Note: You will be receiving a 1 ounce bag of product (not the 10lb bag as pictured)