Short Stuff Garden Kit

$100.00 + Tax

$100.00 + Tax


*Conservation District Native Wildflower Sale Special Kit*

38 flowers and grasses two feet tall or less. Create habitat & beauty with a little less drama. Shorter native plants can provide a rich layer of habitat and beauty without obstructing views, obscuring landscape features, or annoying neighbors who haven’t yet seen the light. If you are looking to slip some native plants into the landscape without creating a fuss, here is a collection of plants two feet tall or less.

The Short Stuff Garden Kit is designed for average garden soil and full to part sun. It will contain 2 to 5 of each species selected.

  • Rough Blazingstar
  • Sundrops
  • Wild Petunia
  • Prairie Dropseed
  • Black-eyed Susan
  • Gray Goldenrod
  • Hairy Beardtongue
  • Hoary Vervain
  • Common Violet
  • Nodding Wild Onion
  • Butterfly Milkweed
  • Pussytoes
  • Spotted Bee Balm

If substitutions are necessary, they may include Calico Aster, Harebell, Mad Dog Skullcap, Prairie Phlox, Lanceleaf Coreopsis, Whorled Milkweed, or others.

This economical kit includes 38 plant plugs that fill 38 square feet at 1-foot spacing – a 4’x9.5′ bed; or up to 86 square feet at 1.5 sq. ft. spacing – a 6’x14′ bed.

Each kit comes with a planting guide. The plants are individually tagged for identification and all tags include height so you can alter the layout to suit your space.