Showy Goldenrod

$8.00 + Tax

$8.00 + Tax


Solidago speciosa, also known as Showy Goldenrod, is a perennial wildflower native to Michigan and the Upper Peninsula. Popular because it is…  showy. 🙂  Bees and other pollinators looking for late season nectar absolutely love it. It prefers full to partial sun and can tolerate medium – dry soil types.

Showy Goldenrod reaches 3 feet tall and flowers from August to October with a dramatic yellow plume of flowers that is particularly striking as the surrounding vegetation fades in fall. In addition to being one of the most dramatic plants you can have in your garden, it is the host plant for a large number of moths and other insects. The seeds are eaten by Goldfinches.

This Goldenrod is not aggressive like some in the genus. Solidago speciosa has a fibrous root system, not a rhizomatous one like Canada Goldenrod. It will spread slowly to form clumps but will not overwhelm small areas like Stiff Goldenrod can. A quart will include 1 individual plant.