Wild Bird Garden Kit

$100.00 + Tax

$100.00 + Tax


This Wild Bird Garden Kit provides natural food, nest material, hummingbird nectar, and shelter based on Audubon native plant recommendations for UP birds.

The Wild Bird Garden Kit is designed for average garden soil and full to part sun. It will contain 2 to 5 of each species selected.

This economical kit includes 38 plant plugs that fill 38 square feet at 1-foot spacing – a 4’x9.5′ bed; or up to 86 square feet at 1.5 sq. ft. spacing – a 6’x14′ bed.

Species Include: Maximillion Sunflower, Northern Heart Leaf Aster, Spotted Bee Balm, Black-eyed Susan, Smooth Blue Aster, Common Yarrow, Lance Leaf Coreopsis, Northern Blazingstar, Grey Headed Coneflower, Pale Purple Coneflower, Early Smooth Oxeye Sunflower, Swamp Milkweed, Little Bluestem grass, Stiff Goldenrod, Common Milkweed, Columbine (Species may be substituted based on availability).

Each kit comes with a planting guide as well as instructions for placing a perch and creating a bird bath. The plants are individually tagged for identification and all tags include height so you can alter the layout to suit your space.